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July 2022

Releases in July

Relevant support articles are added as links. 

New Features & Updates

  • Added Export to Project reporting (Team Activity)
  • Made Project reporting available to Project Managers (previously only Project Admins)
  • Added Employee Onboarding 
    • Ability to configure which HR Profile fields can be completed as part of the 'Add Employe' process
    • Ability to see and/or edit Leave Allowances for new starters as part of the 'Add Employee' process
  • Added 6 monthly as an option in Review Cycles
  • Added ability to set Document Review Frequency when uploading a Company Document
  • Added audit comments when adjusting Leave allowance on 'Add Employee' process

Fixes & Tweaks

  • Made a change to the way Rating Scales are presented in Review Docs - previously text didn't wrap so ended up overlapping
  • Fixed an issue which was preventing the Employee picker from showing a list
  • Fixed an issue with viewing Performance Reviews on mobile
  • Made a change so that Notifications are deleted if Profile Fields relating to them are removed
  • Fixed an issue which meant dates on reports were not showing in the selected format
  • Increased the number of characters in Review Check in boxes
  • Increased the number of items available in Timesheet Export
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