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Location monthly report

It would be really practical to also be able to pull a onthly report from Location.
In the payroll system, we have to use different codes for office or home work as this is linked/not linked to a travel allowance. If I could save the monthly report, that would be most useful (in case of discussions f.e.).

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  • Hi, Yes please, I would second this.  currently I can only download a weeks report that I am viewing onscreen, whereas being able to run a report covering a time period would be hugely helpful.
    Also, if it could be set up in the reporting section so that I could automate the report and email it out etc. that would be even better!


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  • Hi, yes this would be really useful! I've been trying to run reports and to be able to set up an automated report which is emailed monthly would be really helpful.

  • This would be a super tool to have and especially useful in the reports area so i can quickly grab it whenever needed.

  • Hi all 

    This is actually possible already, using the Data Export. 

    You can find the report by going to Reporting > Data Export. 

    Set the Dataset as Location and then use 'last month' (or other timeframe) in your date filter:


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