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Team Manager to see joining employees


It would be great if Team Managers could have the ability to see the details of new employees joining their team before they are active employees. To my understanding, team Managers are only able to write the custom message on the Onboarding Portal but don't have any other permissions.



  • Hi Chris 

    Managers who have access to the employee information should be able to see this on the Profiles area of Appogee HR. 

    When a Manager has a new starter, they should be able to view them in the employee switcher. 

    This manager has a new starter: 

    The new starter is visible here: 

    If the manager clicks to view their profile they will see the HR data that they have access to. 

    Does this resolve your query?


    Appogee HR

  •  Thank you. Will check this out when I have 5 minutes free. :)

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