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Decreasing length of service entitlement

This is not so much a feature request as a request to revert a change, as this functionality already existed until recently when you made a change that has disabled it.

In our company, our staff get 5 bonus days of leave in the year of their 5th, 10th and 15th anniversaries (but only for that anniversary year).

We have therefore configured our length of service entitlements in Appogee Leave to have 5 additional days in "4 Years" (which corresponds to the year in which the 5th anniversary day falls), and then revert back to a lower number in "5 Years", doing likewise in 9/10 Years and 14/15 Years.

This has been working fine, and indeed is still working for the work profiles that we have already configured. However, there has been a recent change to the application as if we try now to set up a new leave profile like this, or indeed make any change at all to an existing work profile that is configured in this way (e.g. to rename it), we get the following error when trying to save:

The Length of Service Entitlements decreased in "5 Years" compare to "4 Years". Please increase the Entitlement for "5 Years".

I have already spoken to support about this and they suggested a manual workaround to bulk adjust allowances each December, but obviously this is not a satisfactory solution when the functionality we need already exists and has only been broken by an unnecessary and incorrect validation. Now that you are aware that there are genuine valid use cases for a decreasing length of service entitlement, I request that you please revert this change and either remove the unnecessary validation or change it to an "Are you sure?" prompt that can be overridden.

  • We have made an update to the Work Profiles which now allows a decrease in Length of Service entitlements. 

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