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As an HR Manager, I want Long Service allowances to be prepopulated with the default allowances so I don't have to type everything in from scratch

It would be great if, when creating a new Leave Profile, the Long Service allowances could have a starting value that is the same as the default allowance for the same leave type. It's unlikely long service allowances would ever be less than the default, but some may not increment.

For example, we give additional days' holiday for long service, but no additional training allowance (which we manage via the Custom1 allowance). I forgot to populate the Custom1 allowance for all the long service years, so the employee's training allowance went from 4 days to 0 days when he passed his fifth anniversary.

Thanks for considering this!

  • Hi Chris

    Thanks for raising this with us - we've made some UI updates to the Leave Profiles which includes the Long Service allowances pre-populating based on the default entitlement. 

    Hope this helps! 


    Appogee HR

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