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Ability to forecast future accrued leave

We would like the ability for team managers to forecast/project future allowances for employees who are on an accrued entitlement. 

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  • The system should take into account how much leave will be accrued by a given requested date when a user is submitting a leave request.

    As it is, we had to remove the limits on going negative, and we're having to manually calculate if enough will be accrued by the time a given request date range is current.

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  • We are not removing the limits and allowing it to go in negative but this is currently a big frustration for the Managers to calculate manually to determine whether the employee will have sufficient balance or not? This needs to be fixed by the Appogee Team on priority because all those working on Accrual based leave management and want their employees to submit their future planned leaves in advance are suffering at the moment.

  • I agree, this makes it hard for employees to schedule out in the future as they can't request leave that includes the time they will have accrued at the time they take the leave.

  • We would also very much like this option.

  • This request is two years old, and still no response from Appogee team.

    Is there actual any current development on this system???

  • Hi all 

    Thanks for your support of this feature, I'm pleased to say it has now been implemented. 

    When an employee submits a request, they will be able to see the Projected Allowance - how much they will have at the request start date. 

    Additionally, on the Allowances Table, we have added the upcoming accrual schedule for clarity: 

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