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More relative dates for Checklist auto-assign

Currently it's only possible to set checklists to assign automatically based on employee status changes (joining, active & former). It would be helpful if there were more options here (similar to notifications) where you can set relative to dates, such as 3 days before employee leaves, or 3 months after employee joins. This will help automate more processes. 

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  • I agree as I need to assign a checklist to myself that is related to Employee leaving but some of the tasks are due before the status is changed to Formal. At the moment I can not assign the checklist but have to send myself notification to assign the checklist. It is double the work and not user-friendly. Hope can be amended!

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  • This feature would definitely help to be updated and make necessary actions on time.

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  • I definitely agree with this, and think that if we could simply have an autoassign for due 7/14  days "before" the dates then that would be sufficient for me, and so rather than a Leavers Checklist being assigned on their leaving date and due 7 days after, it would assign and be due 7 days before their leaving day or something.

  • I agree with this.  If the checklist date could be set to start date or finish date or certain amount of days before or after the specific dates that would be very helpful.

  • I have recently found that you can set up autoassign checklists via the HR relative field notifications section.  I only found this today, but for example, when someone enters a "leave date" for an employee, our payroll department receives an automatic notification that the field has been changed, and it autoassigns them a leavers checklist right there and then.  

    I wasn't aware of this until today, but may help others on this feed.

  • Hi All

    We have just added more functionality to the system to cater for different checklist triggers. We'll send an update shortly!

    You can set up Checklists to be triggered based from dates in the system or field changes to employee profiles. 

    Read more about it here:

    Hope this helps. 


    Appogee HR

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