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Leave Projection/Future Leave Balances

I've noticed Appogee doesn't have a "leave projection" function?  By this I mean, the ability to show the amount of leave accrued by a certain date. 


Eg, In January 2018 if an employee would like to know how much leave they will have accrued by 31 August 2018 to plan a holiday, could Appogee show them this figure? 

I think this would be a beneficial feature to support employee leave management and payroll officers (as Appogee syncs with Xero).


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    It will be helpful if Appogee can calculate the future available PTO bal. when employee requests PTO in future date. 

    For example, employee A earns 10 hours per month, and he has 20 hours PTO as of 05/31/18. On 05/31/18,  employee requested PTO for 24 hours for 06/28/18-06/30/18. It will be nice if Appogee can calculate employee A's potential PTO Bal. as of 06/30/18, showing he has 30 PTO hours as of 06/30/18

  • This has now been added to the system. 

    At the point of submitting a leave request, the requestor will be shown their projected allowance at the time the request starts. 

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