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Automatically Activate Current Leave Year

Currently, HR Managers control when users can book leave for certain leave years.  This is great as it lets you control how far in advance of the next leave year employees can book leave for.

However, HR Managers can forget to activate the new leave year and a few days/weeks into the new leave year they start to have reports from their employees about not being able to request leave for dates in the current leave year.  It would be great if when a new leave year starts, and the HR Managers haven't remembered to activate it, the system automatically does for them.

Or at least have a configurable option so companies can have the new leave year automatically activated when it kicks in if they have forgotten to enable the new current leave year for their employees.

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  • We have rolled out this feature, so when a new Leave Year starts, the year will be automatically made available for users to book leave. 

    Appogee HR

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