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Public Holiday Symbols

Our organisation employs a holiday ban (days in which leave can't be taken) across all of its departments, to configure these on Appogee we have used Public holidays to create these 'holiday bans'.

In our configured Public Holidays/Holiday Bans, we have also included days where the office is closed. I.e. Bank Holidays such as New Years, Boxing Day or May Day.



In addition to this, some of our staff do not work during school holidays/half-term and so this is also configured within the Public Holidays section.



All of these appear on the calendar with the Sun icon on each of the days when these events take place. With the same icon appearing for all bank holidays, school holidays and holiday bans, there can be some confusions for members of staff upon which days apply to which.

It would be very beneficial to us if there was an option to display different symbols on the calendar to present different events. A key/Legend to go with this would also be helpful.

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  • See Images below:


    In this leave profile:

    • Users can't book holiday on a date with a 'Holiday Ban'
    • Users don't work on a date listed as a 'School Holiday'
    • Users don't work on a 'Bank Holiday'

    However, as you can see from the calendar below, it isn't to tell which configured holiday represents a Holiday Ban, School Holiday or Bank Holiday


  • Hi Daniel 

    We have now implemented the concept of a Compulsory Day, in which you can mark employees as not working (Compulsory Leave Day). Take a look at the following article for more info:

    This would replace the need for using Public Holidays and therefore you wouldn't have the UI issue you currently have. 

    Hope this helps! 


    Appogee HR 

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