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Reoccurring option for leave

For example, one of my custom leave types is set as Working From Home.  And I have individuals that work from home on a set pattern, ie all Mondays or Fridays.  It would be useful to have an option where they could book off based on a pattern or in a date range.

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  • I would still like to request this functionality......

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  • A fair number of our staff work from home on a fixed day each week, this feature would be very helpful.

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  • We very much want this, for the same reason Alex Jensen stated.  We are starting a one-day-a week remote work policy, and our employees and managers are really going to be irritated if for instance they have to request/approve every Tuesday individually, one by one.  

  • Hi everyone 

    Thanks for your feedback, while this is a supported post and is something that would enhance the user experience, it is not something we are able to implement currently. As a suggested work around, I would advise creating a Leave Type for 'Working From Home' and mark it as approval not being required, this way it would not hassle the managers with approval requests and simply be added straight into the calendar. To do this, go to Process Config > Leave Types > Create new (or use current) and open the leave type, at the bottom there is a tick box for Requires Approval, untick this and click save changes. 

    Hope this helps! 

    Thanks, Appogee HR

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  • Hi Everyone

    Thanks for your suggestion. 

    We have now made it possible to submit recurring requests, this is configured on a Leave Type basis. 

    Please take a look at the following article for details on how to set it up: Recurring Requests


    Appogee HR.

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  • That's great news, thanks for building this feature and for replying to the original post about it - I'm impressed!



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