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Carry over time limit

For example, in my organisation, leave that is carried over must be used by the end of April or else it is forfeited/dropped.

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  • Would really need this is pretty common in Asia.

  • Yes that would be useful for us too as we have the same.


  • This feature has been implemented and will be available on 24/10/2017.

    Further information of how to configure this feature on the leave profile, can be found at

    Thank you for the suggestion.

    Appogee HR 

  • Thanks for this! There seem to be a bug on this. If the expiration is set to 31-Mar-2018, and if the person applies leave using the carried over allowance to a date beyond 31-Mar-2018, the system allows it. It doesn't enforce that the leave be applied and taken by 31-Mar-2018.

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