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fortnightly working rotas

This rota would be such that the 1st week is different from the second week.

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  • Yes this would be useful for us to - certain staff members only work alternate Fridays. At the moment there is no easy way of showing this in the system.

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  • Same here! I work alternate Fridays and Mondays - ending up with one 4 day weekend and one 2 day weekend and currently can't show this on the leave calendar.

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  • Same here, we also have people who work term time so would be good to have some flexibility with staffing rotas

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  • I agree totally; an alternating working rota on this platform would be very beneficial.

  • Thank you everyone for your suggestions. We have not made any changes to the working rota, however we have now implemented a feature which will allow recurring requests. 

    This means you'd be able to book off repeated days, for example, every other Friday can be booked as a non-working day. 

    This can be set up per Leave Type. 

    Please take a look at the following article for more details: Recurring Requests


    Appogee HR.

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