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Leave Date (Leaver's pro-rata)

  • When my organisation knows the leaving date of an employee, can Appogee Leave automatically calculate their allowance for the remainder of their employment period?
  • For employees with fixed term contracts, we would like to enter end of contract dates to pro-rata the contract based on start date & end date

When a team member leaves it would be great to be able to add the leaving date and have the final position of days owing or owed worked out. This affects the final payroll.

This could also include a process for cancelling future approved leave which is irrelevant and then deactivating the user.

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  • Of course this is needed. It's a very basic feature that would take 5 min for you to integrate in appoggee leave. As the prorata calculation linked to the beginning date is already implemented.

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  • Hi Simon,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    We recognize that this a desired feature and it is something we are currently reviewing for a future roadmap.

    At the present moment we cannot give an estimated time frame, but please follow this forum and our product releases forum for future updates.

    Thank you for your support of Appogee HR.

    Many thanks,

    Appogee HR

  • Hi Appogee team,

    Any update on this suggested feature, please?



  • Hi Ran,

    At the current moment, this is not on our roadmap.

    We are working on the Version 11 update to make system configuration and management more efficient with our one-click processes.

    At the present moment, we cannot give an estimated time frame of when this feature will be on our roadmap.

    We will update this feature suggestion accordingly with updates.

    Thank you for your support of Appogee HR.

    Many thanks,

    Appogee HR

  • Hi Appogee HR,

    Are you sure you're not planning this soon? I'm sure there are lots of companies like us who employ people under fixed-term contracts!

    It really is a necessary feature to have their holiday allowance calculated automatically based on the start and end times that are already entered in the system.... Maybe you should consider this pretty fast?

    Kind regards,


  • Thanks for all your support on this topic, it's now been implemented!

    Please take a look at the Prorated Allowances (Leavers) section in the following article: How Allowance is Allocated.

    Appogee HR

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