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Hide/Delete Leave Profiles

Can it be possible to delete or hide leave profiles?

This is not currently supported as Employment Profiles are required for auditing changes in allowances. If you are certain you do not need an Employment Profile for future audits, you can reuse it, however, keep in mind that it will increase the difficulty of auditing related allowances in the future. It has therefore been proposed to hide Employment Profiles instead of deleting them. 

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  • I created a test leave profile but never used it and would like to delete it. It is cumbersome because I have to manually select the right leave profile every time I use the Allowance Calculator, even though we only have one. It would be great if we could at least delete leave profiles that have never been used and archive ones that have been used but are no longer.

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  • You're now able to delete Leave Profiles! 

    Check out our support doc here: Deleting and Restoring Leave Profiles.


    Appogee HR

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