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Headcount Report

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In this article: 

About the report

Viewing the report

Backfilling information into the report

About the report

The Headcount Report displays the number of employees in your organisation on any given month, based on employe start and end dates. 

The report also includes your Turnover and Churn percentages, by month. 

Additionally, you can view information about your leavers, such as their leaving reason, whether their departure was voluntary or not, or whether it was regrettable or not. 

Viewing the report

To view the Headcount report, go to Reporting > Headcount Report.

You'll see there are 3 tabs in which to view your data - Headcount, Joiners and Leavers. If you'd prefer to view this information in one list, you can click Options > Group by tabs. 

Within the Headcount report, you will be able to see the number of Joiners and Leavers each month, as well as the opening and closing balance. To identify which employees make up your Joiners or Leavers, you can click the blue 'i' button at the top of each column.

The Turnover % is calculated by dividing the number of Leavers by your average headcount each month. 

The Churn % is calculated by dividing the number of Leavers by your closing headcount each month. 

On the Joiners page, you'll be able to see which teams welcomed new starters each month. 

By default, if a team does not have any joiners, the team will not show. You can amend this by clicking Options > Show all teams / reasons.

On the Leavers page, there are multiple tabs showing different reports. 

The Leavers by Team tab will show you which teams employees left from. As above, teams with no leavers will be hidden by default. 

The Leavers by Reason page will show you which reasons were provided by employees when they left. As above, if you'd like to see reasons that have not been provided, you can enable them from the Options menu. 

When an employee leaves, you can determine if their departure was regrettable or non-regrettable. A regrettable leaver is an employee whose departure from the company has a negative impact on the organisation, while a non-regrettable can be selected if the effect of the employee leaving is not wholly negative on the company. 

Additionally, when employees leave, you can determine whether it was voluntary or not. Non-voluntary departures could be relating to contract, disciplinary, termination or redundancy for example. 

Backfilling information into the report

The accuracy of the Headcount report relies on employee Start & End dates being completed, as well as the Leaver Reason, Regrettable/ Non Regrettable & Voluntary / Non Voluntary flags being set. 

You may have employees where this information has not been provided, for this we have created a Backfill tool. 

If you have missing data, you'll see a Yellow box at the top of the report, from here click Open Backfill Tool. 

The tool allows you to quickly update the data where it is not already set. If you need to update existing data, please refer to the Bulk Update Employee Profiles tool. 

Click the Next button to get started with the backfill. 

If you need to backfill for your active & former employees, you'll need to run this tool twice - once for Active Employees and again for Former Employees. 

Select your data and click Download CSV. Your template will download, which includes the employee information. 

Instructions for completing the CSV Template 

Do not edit the data that is already provided in Row 1 and Column A

The "Regrettable" and "Voluntary" fields need to be populated with either "TRUE" or "FALSE"

The "Leaver Reason" is any of the following*: Career break, Termination, Redundancy, Emigration, Retirement, Death in Service

*note, if you'd like to customise this list, you can do so by going to Profile > Admin & Config > Dropdown Lists.

Once you have completed the template file, save it as a CSV and upload it to Appogee HR.

The system will cross reference the data in the file and add it to the employee profiles. 

Your headcount report will now include all updated information. 

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