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Setting up the DocuSign Integration

Applicable packagesLeaveTimeHR EssentialsHR Success

Required RolesTeam ManagerHR Manager AdministratorADU Manager

The DocuSign integration with Appogee HR will allow you to request electronic signatures on your Employee Records in Appogee HR. 

You will benefit from the following: 

  • Request e-signatures from employees on existing Employee Records
  • Request e-signatures from employees when uploading new Employee Records
  • Store these documents on the Employee Profile

To set up the DocuSign integration, go to System Config > System Integrations > DocuSign.

Read through the information on the first page and then click Integrate. 

Log into DocuSign using your business account and follow any additional prompts. 

You'll then be redirected back to Appogee HR. 

If you have more than one DocuSign account, choose from the dropdown, otherwise click next. 

Follow the instructions on screen to create a Connect Key in Docusign. 

1. In DocuSign, go to Settings > Integrations > Connect > Connect Keys 

2. Click on Add Secret Key


3. Copy the new Secret Key

4. Back in Appogee HR, paste the Secret Key and click Complete Integration

The integration is now successfully complete. 

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