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Timesheet Approvals

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About Timesheet Approvals

Approving Timesheets

Raising Queries

Missing Timesheets

About Timesheet Approvals

The Timesheet Approvals page will show any previous Timesheets available for approval.  From here, Managers can mark the Timesheets as Approved, or send a query to the employee if they have questions about the times logged..

To go to Timesheet Approvals, go to Time >  Timesheets > Approvals.

The report will show Timesheets available for Approval or which have already been approved. You can use the Status Filter on the right to switch views. 

  • New - Timesheets that require Approval
  • Approved - Timesheets that have been Approved
  • Query Raised - Timesheets that have Queries against them by a Manager
  • Query Responded - Timesheets that have Queries responded to by an Employee

Approving Timesheets

The table will show an overview of the Timesheet information for each employee. You can use the Planned Hours and Actual Hours columns to see whether the employee has completed their hours for the week. 

You can also click on the + button next to the employee's name to view a more in depth version of the Timesheets. 

If you are happy with the information in the Timesheet, you can click the Approve button. 

Raising Queries

If you would like to be able to know more information about a Timesheet before it is approved, you can raise a query. 

This will send a notification to the employee, asking them for more information. 

Click the Raise Query button. 

This will open a dialog box for you to write the query message. 

Once the employee has responded to the query, you will be notified by email. 

Queries and the relevant comments sections can also be found from the Timesheet Approvals page.

Clicking on the speech bubble icon will show the full query history. 

You can raise as many queries against a Timesheet as is necessary, until you're happy to Approve it. 

Missing Timesheets

The Timesheets Approvals page can also be used to identify any users who haven't clocked in and therefore a Timesheet doesn't exist. 

To do this, set the Status dropdown to 'New' then click 'Show Missing Timesheets', this will give you the opportunity to create the Timesheet and then add a Query.

Clicking 'Create Timesheet & Raise Query' will then bring up a dialogue box that will allow you to query this with the employee. 

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