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News Feed

Applicable packagesLeaveTimeHR EssentialsHR Success

Required RolesTeam Manager HR Manager AdministratorADU Manager

The News Feed in Appogee HR allows you to share posts about your organisation with your employees. 

Posts are added to customisable categories; security settings within the categories can also be customised. 

When you first get access to the News Feed, it will be in Setup Mode. This will allow you to configure your categories and the relevant security access before switching the News Feed on for your employees. 

Once you are happy with the setup of the News Feed, you can enable it for your employees by going to System Config > General Settings > News Feed.

Configuring the News Feed

From the main menu, go to News Feed. 

In the top right corner, click Configure Categories.

From here, you can edit or remove the default Categories, as well as create any new Categories you wish. 

To edit a Category, click on its name or the pencil icon.

Once you've opened the Category, you will be able to configure the Category Name as well as the access permissions as follows: 

  • Who can create posts
  • Who can create comments on posts
  • Who can like posts or comments

Make any desired changes and click Save Changes.

Use the Back to Categories button to go back to the configuration page. 

Posting on the News Feed

From the main menu, go to News Feed. 

Click the New Post button or the plus button in the bottom right hand corner. 

Select the Category you'd like your post to appear in and fill in the details. Your post does not need to have a title, but it can help users identify what the post is about. 

Once you're happy with the details, click Create Post. 

Employees will receive email notifications to let them know of the new post. Depending on the security permissions, employees may be able to like or comment on posts. 

Interacting with News Feed posts

Once the post has been published, HR Managers will be able to disable comments if necessary, as well as remove the post altogether. 

If comments are enabled, and employees have the access as per the Categories, they will be able to add their comments to the posts. 

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