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Time: Today Page

Applicable packages Leave Time HR Essentials HR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR Manager Administrator ADU Manager

The Today page will give you an overview of Today's information, including the ability to tracking time either by clocking in/out or adding activities.

Time > Today

Time Tracking

You can start tracking time by using the three buttons in the middle of the page. The green play button will clock you in starting the timing for the day, the orange pause button will pause the time tracking and the red stop button will stop the timer and therefore clock you out. 

When you click any of these buttons, the action will be audited below in the 'Day Details'. You can make changes to these by clicking the pencil icon on the right hand side. 

Activity Tracking

You're able to track time against Customers, Projects and Tasks from this page too. These three elements can make up one activity, or you can track them each separately.  

Projects, Customers & Tasks are configured by Admins, Project Managers or Team Managers. Use the dropdown to select your activity. Some Projects are linked to Customer which means the Customer will auto populate when you select the Project. 

Optionally add a short description of the activity. 

Choose to add the activity retrospectively by adding how much time you spend on it in the 'Add Times' box, or click Start. 

You may have a Project Role assigned to you, which you will be able to see to the right of the description box. This can be changed, if the work you are doing is different to the role you have been assigned. 

You may also be able to mark if an activity is billable or not, although this depends on your configuration. 

From here, either select to Start the timer, or add the start and end times manually by selecting the edit option. 

You could also add this to your activity list without tracking any time on it, and use that as a template or plan for your day - just add the details and click Save.

Once you've set that up, just click the start time next to the relevant activity. 

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