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Appogee HR: Adding users from Talent Hub

NOTE: This article applies to customers licensed to use Appogee HR Essentials or Appogee HR Success

Once you have set up the Talent Hub integration, you will be able to start adding new hires into Appogee HR. Any user who is marked in Talent Hub as Hired status will be able to be imported, joining up the stages in your hiring process and ensure there are no transposition errors or missed steps. For details on how to set up the Talent Hub integration, take a look at the following article: Enabling the Talent Hub Integration.

You'll be able to sync the following details across from Talent Hub into Appogee HR:

  • Name
  • Telephone Number
  • Email Address
  • Start Date
  • Job Title

Start by logging into Talent Hub and navigating to your project. Head to your Pipeline, and then click Hired. 

You'll be shown a list of your hires for that project. Find the user you would like to export into Appogee HR and click the three dots next to their name, then Export to HRIS.

A new view will appear, which will prompt you to fill in the new starter's information. Select their start date, and fill in the job title, location and email address. Double check you are exporting to the correct HRIS, by checking it says 'Powered by Appogee HR' then click Export.

Once the user has been exported to Appogee HR, you will receive the following notification in Talent Hub.

Open Appogee HR, and go to Organization > Employees. This employee will now show in the Offer Accepted Category. 

Click on their name to go through the process of adding this user to Appogee HR. For step by step details on how to do this, take a look at our article: Adding New Employees which will enable you to assign them into teams and set up an onboarding portal where appropriate.

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