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Data Export

Applicable packagesLeaveTimeHR EssentialsHR Success

Required RolesTeam Manager HR ManagerAdministratorADU Manager

The Data Export tool will allow you to run reports relating to data stored in your Appogee HR account. 

You can create a report based on the following datasets: 

  • Leave
    • Leave Requests
    • Sickness Reports
    • TOIL Allowance Claims
    • Allowances
  • Location
    • Employee Location 
  • Organisation 
    • Employees
    • Teams
    • Virtual Teams
  • Config
    • Work Profiles

The Data Export allows you to either set up templates with specific filtering, or you can just click to download a 'quick export' which will give you all the data within one of the above datasets. 

If you create templates specific to your requirements, you can save them to run again or set them up to run on a weekly or monthly schedule.

Creating a template

Go to Reporting > Data Export > Templates.

On the templates tab, click Create Template in the top right corner. 

Work through the steps to create your template. 

1. Details - give the template a name and optionally a description.

2. Dataset - choose which data set you require for this export. Once selected, you can switch on and off certain fields which will create columns in the export.

3. Filters - optionally add filters to your export, for example only showing requests in the last 3 months. 

4. Schedule - optionally set the report to run on a monthly or weekly schedule.

Now save your template. 

Exporting the data

You can export data either from a template or using Quick Export. 

The Quick Export option will allow you to export the data from pre-configured data-sets, while the template option will give you more flexibility. 

To export a report from a template, go to Reporting > Data Export > Templates.

Choose your template and click Run Export. 

A confirmatory dialog will appear and the report will export. 

To view the export, go to the Downloads tab and click download. 

Your file will download as a CSV which you can open in a spreadsheet tool. 

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