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Relative Date Notifications

Applicable packages Leave Time HR Essentials HR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR ManagerAdministrator ADU Manager

Notifications can be set up within the system for the following: 

Employee Profiles 

    Field Changes - a user has made a change to the data in a field, e.g. change of address    

    Relative Dates - a date has occurred relative to a date field, e.g. 3 weeks prior to a Performance Review Date

Employee Records

    Record Date - e.g. on the anniversary of a training certification

    Review Date - e.g. 1 week prior to probation review record

Company Documents

    Document Date - Relative to a Company Document date, e.g. 2 years after publication of Company Welcome Brochure

    Review Date  - Relative to a Company Document review date, e.g. 1 week prior to Fire Safety Procedure Document review


This article is in relation to the creation and administering of Relative Date Notifications for Employee Profiles. For information related to Field Change Notifications, please see the article here.

Relative Date notifications can be set up to notify users when an event occurs - any date field you have within Appogee HR can be used for these; date fields appear in Employee Profiles, Employee Records and Company Documents and includes any custom date fields you may have added.

Setting up Notifications

Go to Reporting > HR Notifications > Employee Profiles.

The page is split into the two types of reporting, select Relative Dates Notifications. 

There may already be some default review notifications here for you. Choose to activate, edit or delete these. 

To configure a new notification, you will need to specify the following information:

  • Trigger:- The field which the notification will be triggered on

  • Notify who:- Who you wish to notify i.e. receive a notification & email.

This can be one or more of the following: Employee; Employee's Team Manager; Employee's HR Manager; HR Managers; Payroll Admins; IT Managers & HR Assistants 

  • Notification Email Message:- Enter the email message you wish to send the user who will be notified. The notification will send a message which will be displayed here and you can optionally add a supporting message.

When you're happy with the above, click Save. The Active box is automatically ticked on, so when you create a notification it will become active. 

You can edit or delete your notifications by clicking on the relevant icons. If you want to keep a notification template, but do not wish for it to be used, you cal deactivate it by ticking the box in the Active column.

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