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What is the Allowance Calculator and how does it work?


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The Allowance Calculator is a tool used to update employees' allowances in line with any changes you make to the  Work Profile. 

If you make any changes to do with allowance in the Work Profile, you will need to visit the Allowance Calculator to ensure the changes are reflected. The system will not change any users' allowances unless the allowance calculator has been run, it's always a good idea to check the allowance calculator if you think someone's allowance is incorrect. 

Using the Allowance Calculator may seem like a mundane task, but automating this process could potentially result in many allowances being inadvertently changed, which can have a knock on effect throughout the system. We therefore took the decision that changes to entitlement settings are likely to be infrequent and therefore asking HR Managers to use the Allowance Calculator to manually push the settings down to individual Allowances was the safest and most sensible approach. 

The Allowance Calculator is easy to access from the menu go to Leave & HR Admin > Allowance calculator. This can also be accessed from Leave > Admin & Config > Allowance Calculator.

Select a Work Profile and Team from the drop down menus.  The page will update with the current and new allowances for the employees, the new amounts will show in red. 

You must select the Work Profile first, and then the Team. The Teams list will show only those teams who have employees in the pre-selected Work Profile, so if the Team dropdown stays greyed out, this means no changes are necessary. 

Choose the year drop down to save all employees allowances for each year, or tick the boxes next to each allowance range to save. This means you are able to select exactly which employee and leave year you update the allowance for, to avoid altering any historic data which affect future allowances.

The Allowance Calculator will show allowances in hours by default, there's a toggle in the top right corner to change this into days. It will also show Annual Entitlement by default, if you are dealing with Accrued Entitlement in any of your Work Profiles, you will need to switch to this view too. 

When you are happy with your selection, click Update Selected Allowances. Repeat this process for other Work Profiles & Teams and if you have any Accrued Entitlement as well as Annual. 

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