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Leave Report Builder

Applicable packages Leave Time HR Essentials HR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR Manager Administrator ADU Manager

The Report Builder is intended to provide an overview of what is happening in your teams. For more accurate reporting we suggest using the Data Export where you can download a CSV of request data. 

To access the Leave Report Builder, select Reporting > Leave Report Builder

The Leave Report Builder will be shown.

When configuring reports it can be a good idea to use the Tabular Data view to check your report includes your target data before you generate the chart.

We have included a set of sample reports that you might find useful. These can be edited, removed or added to, to suit your requirements.

Select the Data tab in order to choose the information you want to report on. 

The Options tab allows you to filter the data further to get exactly what you need to see.

Your report will be displayed in the chart/table area when it has been created. Please note that large data sets naturally take a longer time to load. For best results wait until a report has been built before creating another one. 


You can now use the Save button to save this report if you want to generate it at a future date

For Bradford factor, please see here.

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