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April 2024

Releases in April

Relevant support articles are added as links.

New Features & Updates

  • Added email reminders for Timesheets requiring approval
  • Added ability to duplicate Work Profiles for speed administration
  • Implemented a Pro Rata calculator for Work Profile changes 
    • If an employee changes their working hours, the system will calculate the new allowance
    • Removes need for Allowance Calculator
    • Rolling out to customers incrementally
  • Updated sticky headers so they work in Edge
  • Added approval buttons to Timesheet page 
  • Added ability to revert Timesheet approvals

Fixes & Tweaks

  • Made a change to ensure 360 Feedback rejection messages are shown in full to the Review Manager
  • Fixed an issue which was preventing  Work Profiles from being saved if TOIL carry over was set
  • Made a change to Bulk Record Create tool so that Addresses are shown line separated on output file
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