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February & March 2024

Releases in February & March 

Relevant support articles are added as links. 

New Features & Updates

  • Launched the DocuSign Integration
  • Added Notifications & Acknowledgements option to Employee Record Creation tool (available in bulk or as a one off)
  • Ability to disable open sickness requests
    • New setting to prevent employees from submitting a sickness report that automatically rolls over to the following day if they do not click return to work

Fixes & Tweaks

  • Made a change to the UI so that horizontal scrolling works on pages that have with sticky headers
  • Improved Public Holiday terminology on Work Profiles
  • Improved the UI on Approval Flows page so you see who the approvers are without having to open them
  • Fixed and issue that was preventing some users from adding new Employees
  • updated Date format on the Year at a Glance view
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