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December 2023

Releases in December

Relevant support articles are added as links.

New Features & Updates

  • Added 2025 Public Holidays to default list
  • Updated the Onboarding Pre Book Leave for new joiners to include following calendar year (previously only current year available)

Fixes & Tweaks

  • Changed the Onboarding page to only display teams with new joiners rather than all teams
  • Fixed the HR Config page for HR Essentials customers which was showing Onboarding settings (HR Success feature only)
  • Removed 'Add Employee' which was showing for Team Managers 
  • Made some tweaks to security settings - ensuring Employees only see fields & Company Docs they specifically have access to
  • Updated the Reviews PDF doc to ensure 360 feedback was showing for the manager
  • Fixed an issue which was causing timesheets to have 0 planned hours
  • Fixed an issue with time-zones which was preventing some users from seeing YAAG
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