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November 2023

Releases in November

Relevant support articles are added as guides. 

New Features & Updates

  • Introduced "Demo Mode"
    • Ability to log into a pre-populated version of Appogee HR to view potential configuration options or new features
    • Available to HR Managers only
  • Introduced "Tell Me More" & "Show Me How"
    • Pink Assistant tabs on each page giving users more information about the page they are on & how to set up the system
  • Added Records page
    • All employee records available in one view
    • Ability to sort & filter between different employees, teams & record categories

Fixes & Tweaks

  • Fixed an issue which was preventing some users from logging in via the mobile app
  • Updated the Leave request dialog to include future accruals
  • Fixed an issue which meant some HR reports were not showing all results 
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing managers from requesting Employee self assessment in reviews
  • Added 2025 Public Holidays to the defaults list
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