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June 2023

Releases in June

Relevant support articles are added as links. 

New Features & Updates

  • Added reporting to Performance Reviews
  • Added the ability to submit Shout-outs through the Slack integration
  • Added cross Project Reporting 
    • Ability to report on time data across multiple Projects, Customers & Tasks
  • Improved 'Add Employee' functionality
    • Added Google or Office 365 Lookups
    • Split full name field into First & Last Name
    • Added ability to add employee to Virtual Team

Fixes & Tweaks

  • Fixed an issue which was preventing some Payslips from being synced (Xero integration)
  • Made a change in the Onboarding portal to prevent the upload of certain file types that are unsupported
  • Fixed an issue which was preventing Team Activities Report from exporting
  • Fixed an issue with tables being updated from the Onboarding Portal
  • Fixed an issue on the Return to Work (sickness closure) dialog which was calculating the total days incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue with the Quick Export where dates were not being filtered correctly
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