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May 2023

Releases in May

Relevant articles are added as links.

New Features & Updates

  • Increased configuration options for Calendar labels
    • Added option to hide Sickness label in team calendars
    • Added more options for external calendar labels
    • Moved customisation to individual Leave & Sick types (previously a global setting)
  • Added Approvals for Timesheets
    • Ability for Managers to Approve or Raise Queries against Timesheets

Fixes & Tweaks

  • Fixed an issue which was causing some fields not showing in some reports
  • Fixed an issue which was sending Clock in reminders to users if they were on Leave
  • Fixed an issue with the Bulk update profile tool
  • Fixed an issue which was causing projected accrual to show incorrectly for some users
  • Fixed an issue which was preventing settings being saved on Employee Record security
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