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February 2023

Releases in February

Relevant articles are added as links. 


  • Added sticky header to Team Allowances page 
  • Fixed an issue which was preventing some Checklists from being reassigned
  • Made a change to Offboarding process so that actions do not show if a customer has downgraded their package (no longer have access to certain features)
  • Added a page for employees to view who their HR Manager is
  • Stripe
    • Payments now go through Stripe interface 
  • Fixed an issue which meant some users were not archived properly
  • Fixed an issue which meant review notifications were being sent to an employee's previous Manager
  • Fixed an issue which was preventing some people from logging in with O365 as they didn't have a name value
  • Update Performance Review doc to include Manager comments
  • Added Performance Manager Role
    • Ability to assign a separate Performance Manager for employees.  This will give them the ability to conduct Performance Reviews for specified employees
  • Remove restrictions around re-archiving employees
  • Fixed an issue with offboarding where employee records or archived employees was showing
  • Added Customer Service bots to HR Essentials & HR Success accounts (HR Managers & Admins only)
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