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October 2022

Releases in October

Relevant support articles are added as links.

  • Changed the way Document Acknowledgement rules were deleted (soft instead of hard)
  • Fixed an issue which was preventing 'HR Manager and Team Manager from rendering in the Employee Ribbon
  • Fixed an issue which meant hours weren't converting to days in the TOIL request dialog
  • Made updates to the trial page
  • Fixed an issue which was sometimes preventing the Bulk Adjust Allowance tool from working
  • Fixed an issue which meant the page would refresh when trying to add Records
  • Removed old holding page for HR Notifications which had moved to another area of the system
  • Updated the Requests table which was incorrectly showing Pending days in the Approved days column
  • Updated a link on the Teams page to go to System Config (previously went nowhere)
  • Fixed an issue which was causing Checklists to be assigned too soon
  • Fixed an issue on the Licensing page which was preventing some people from renewing their licenses
  • Fixed an issue which was causing an error message to state the Profile had been updated elsewhere when it hadn't
  • Updated the way employees are synced with Xero to prevent duplication errors
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