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August 2022

Releases in August

Relevant articles are added as links.

  • Made Employee status filterable on Allowance exports
  • Implemented missing sticky headers  - now available on all tables 
  • Added icon for JPEG / JPG uploads
  • Fixed an issue which was causing employee allowance on the donut chart to be different from the allowances table
  • Fixed an issue which was causing employee remaining allowance to be incorrect on approval dialog
  • Added All Teams to the Bulk Update Employee Profiles tool 
  • Added 2 new fields to Add Employee process
    • Employment Type
    • Employment End Date
  • Fixed an issue which was preventing some users from selecting projects and tasks from the list
  • Updated the Bulk Update Employee Profiles tool for support with All Teams & ADUs
  • Added functionality for minimum days notice
    • Ability to enforce a minimum notice period employees must give to submit leave requests 
  • Added functionality to prevent historical requests
    • Ability to restrict how far in the past leave requests can be submitted
  • Increased number of custom tables from 10 to 20
  • Approval Flows
    • Ability to apply one Approval Flow to multiple teams or employees, therefore reducing admin overhead
    • Members within one team can be assigned different Approval Flows, therefore allowing more flexibility within Teams
    • Managers can reside within a Team while having a separate Approval Flow
  • Fixed an issue which was preventing job titles from updating in the Org Chart
  • Fixed an issue which was causing some notifications to come through in French, despite the language being set to English
  • Fixed an issue which meant some employees could see reviews of their reports after they ceased being their manager
  • Fixed an issue which was causing the save button on the employee profile to error
  • Updated logic to prevent an employee in joining status from being an approver
  • Added a search to Approval Flows & Teams
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