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July 2022

Releases in July

Relevant support articles are added as links.

  • Updated Review Cycles so that managers of a Team were not sent their own Performance Review
  • Removed Performance Reviews from employees at the point of archive
  • Made a change to ensure Review Actions are removed when a Review is deleted
  • Wording improvements
    • Company Docs
    • Review Cycles
  • HR Reporting updates
    • Combined 'My Reports' and 'All Reports' into one list
    • Added an Edit button to Reports page
    • Swapped order of 'HR Reports' and 'HR Report Builder' in the menu
  • Review Check-ins
    • Added the ability for Managers to add Check-in comments during a Review Period
  • Additional currency support 
    • Bulgarian Lev
    • Singapore Dollar
  • Fixed issue which was preventing 'back to my profile' label showing on the avatar
  • Fixed an issue which was preventing Personal Email from populating when importing from an ATS
  • Improved security where Team Managers can run reports
  • Fixed an issue which was sometimes preventing half days from showing in YAAG
  • Added attachments to request export - you can now see if a request had an attachment
  • Added Org Chart to the Onboarding Portal 
  • Tweaked design of the Onboarding Portal config pages
  • Fixed an issue on the menu where the icon was showing incorrectly 
  • Added search to Projects, Customers & Tasks pages
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