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June 2022

Releases in June

Relevant support documents are added as links. 

  • Changed Project Managers & Admin role capability 
    • Project Admins are able to: 
      • Add Project Managers to any Project
      • Remove Project Managers or other Project Admins from any Project
      • Add Teams to any Project 
      • Remove Teams from any Project
    • Project Managers are able to: 
      • Add other Project Managers to a Project that they manage
      • Remove other Project Managers from a Project that they manage
      • Add or remove any Team from Projects
  • Fixed a broken link in the Welcome email 
  • Added functionality for requests to be sent to a new Team Manager if the role is changed 
  • Added the ability to be an Approver but not a Team Manager
  • Added a reminder email to Managers weekly after a Review Date has passed
  • Added a flag in Time so you can mark activities as Billed
  • Moved Today > My Team to the main menu
  • Added Office Location to New Employee dialog and import wizards
  • Performance Updates
    • Improvements to Goals and Reviews integration 
      • View more information about each of the Goals the employee is working on in a new Goals tab
      • Create future Goals from directly within the Review Doc
    • Ability to Delete Reviews
    • Toggle between each Review for the employee within the Review Doc
    • Improved Review Completion Process
      • Takes into account whether there is a Review Cycle configured or not
    • Optionally create Reviews at the start of a Review Period 
      • Within Review Cycles, configure when the Review gets created
      • If the Review is created at the beginning of the Review Period, managers will be able to work on it as an active document throughout the period
  • Fixed an issue which was preventing the Bulk Update Employee Profile tool working for larger companies 
  • Tweaked the UI so that Job Titles wrap properly on Mobile
  • Fixed an issue which was preventing the Team Calendar List View from rendering successfully for some people
  • Changed the security so Team Managers can no longer see Data Export templates if they do not have access to the data within them
  • Added functionality to automatically notify a requester who has asked for Goal check-in/feedback
  • All new Org Chart
    • View images and job titles for all employees
    • Zoom and fit to page options
    • Employee search feature
    • View Top to Bottom or Left to Right
    • Show all Team Members or just Managers
    • Show or hide the Minimap to aid with navigation
    • Export to PDF or image
  • Translation updates
  • Fixed an issue which was preventing 360 Feedback only reviews from working properly
  • Added sections & headers to Company Documents area of Onboarding Portal
  • Added ability to enable and disable Goal Types
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