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April 2022

Releases in April

Relevant support articles are added as links.

  • Added functionality for characters with accents within the Greenhouse integration
  • Added more tasks when employee moves from Joining to Active (e.g. sync Leave requests)
  • Fixed an issue which was preventing 'Billable by Default' from saving
  • Fixed an issue which was preventing some Actions from being opened from the Dashboard
  • Fixed an issue on the Onboarding portal where the message said there were unsaved changes, even when there wasn't
  • Added Virtual team colours to the Organisation page
  • Added functionality for Review Cycles
  • Updated UI in some places 
    • Changed wording 
    • Improved unordered lists in Performance Reviews
  • Fixed an issue which was causing Location duplications
  • Added functionality for users to watch videos about certain pages within the app
  • Added Pronouns to Teams page within the directory
  • Added option to Timesheet CSV Export to show total time worked
  • Prevented users from creating goals in the past
  • Added ability for Managers to set their Welcome Message in the Onboarding Portal, even if they don't have a new starter
  • Added simplifications to Goals
    • Changes Create Goal page
    • Combined 'Give Feedback & Request Feedback' buttons
    • Combined emails for when multiple Goals are Archived/Locked (previously sent 1 per goal)
    • Added option to turn off Goal approvals
  • Added 2023 Public Holidays
  • Updated Leave Approvals widget to include Leave Types
  • Made improvements to Checklists table
  • Added currency support for Omani Rial (OMR)
  • Updated package selector on trial & upgrade trial pages
  • Changed Add Employee wizard design
  • Updated onboarding email messaging
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