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February 2022

Releases in February

Relevant support documents are added as links. 

  • Fixed an issue with Goals where the Employee Ribbon was not changing context
  • Tweaked the wording on Push notifications so it showed the relevant Leave Type for Custom allowances
  • Fixed an issue where the end date of a Goal was incorrectly being reported as being in the past
  • Updated the Canada public holiday list which was showing the wrong date for Civic Holiday
  • Fixed an issue in one of the dialog boxes where Description field was being marked as Mandatory when it wasn't 
  • Tweaked the UI in the Create Project dialog to ensure the table fits
  • Changed the sign up page so it's the same as the login page
  • Fixed an issue preventing TOIL adjustments being shown in some places
  • Fixed an issue where logging in from a secondary domain caused an error
  • Improvements to the Performance section
    • Addition of Rating Scales
      • Set up your own or use our default Rating Scales to review your employee performance
    • Updates to Manager & Employee Assessment
      • Choose whether Assessment Topics are Employee only, Manager only or both;
      • Add Ratings to Assessment Topics
      • Customise whether Manager Comments & Ratings are private from employees
    • Review Type Templates become Review Templates
      • As we evolve Review Types, and add more configuration options they have become more than just a Review Type definition. We have taken this opportunity to rename them to Review Templates, which better explains their intended purpose
    • Revamped UI
      • All new design of Review Doc and Assessment section
  • Updates to Translations
  • Updated UI on Checklists page to show employee name instead of email address
  • Added a new field for Employment Type
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