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December 2021

Releases in December 

Relevant support articles are added as links.

  • Improved behaviour of the Project log page - total times update in real time, rather than after save
  • Small tweaks to new UI update
    • Prevented animation on Time page from repeating
    • Changed topics on 360 feedback to be full width
    • Improved UI on Goals if more than 5 people were on the collaborator list 
    • Added Asterisks to mandatory sections on Bulk Adjust Allowances tool
    • Updated colours on Checklists
    • Changed the column widths on All Shout-outs page 
    • Improved Shout-out dialog box 
    • Improved My Records section on the Onboarding Portal
    • Fixed an issue with dropdowns on mobile
    • Fixed an issue with on dialog box not rendering fully
  • Fixed an issue which was preventing the welcome emails from being sent
  • Fixed an issue which meant some location totals were not correct in Location Planner
  • Added search to Company Docs
  • Fixed an issue which was preventing the Team Location widget from showing data
  • Fixed an issue which was preventing some 360 feedback tabs from showing
  • Made a change so that the profile field date format was consistent with the settings
  • Made a change to to the Restricted Roles to allow Leave Data Exports
  • Fixed an issue which was causing an error when running reports
  • Added view of Working Rota on Leave Overview
  • Fixed an issue which was adding compulsory days to new starters for requests before their start date
  • Fixed an issue which was preventing new subcategories from being created
  • Added configurable text boxes to Performance Reviews (WYSIWYG)
  • Added Goal details to Performance Reviews
  • Added Greenhouse Integration

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