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October 2021

Releases in October

Relevant support articles are added as links. 

  • Fixed an issue which was preventing Leave requests from showing in Location
  • Updated an error message so the wording was clearer
  • Updated 'Prevent Self-Approval' to prevent any kind of modification
  • Updated UI on the Leave Type page for clarity
  • Added nudge feature to Company Document Acknowledgements page 
  • Added 'nudge all' to company Documents 
  • Updated some wording on the employee profile
    • “Job Start Date” to “Employment Start Date”

    • “Job End Date” to “Employment End Date”

    • “Job Status” to “Employee Status”

  • Fixed an issue with virtual teams which was preventing Project CSV export 

  • Added Role and Billable columns to Project CSV export

  • Update to Length of Service settings which will allow decreasing entitlement (e.g. an additional week for 5th year anniversary only)

  • Fixed an issue with the Backfill from CSV tool which was not allowing requests to be imported if the working rota was switched off

  • Added audit page on Compulsory Days

  • Added Out of Office option for Leave Types (O365 integrated accounts only)

  • Added option to prevent Backfill requests from being synced with external calendars

  • Add Date & Time columns into Time CSV export