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September 2021

Releases in September

Relevant articles are added as links. 

  • Added Project Category to Project config 
  • Added Project description to Project config
  • Added Quick Add button to Project Log
  • Added Quick Add button to Today page
  • Improved Project CSV export to include activities which didn't have start & end times
  • Fixed an issue which was causing an error when removing Restricted Roles from employees
  • Fixed an issue with the Project Log when viewing a different employee
  • Improved security around managers who are able/unable to self approve
  • Added Welcome email for Projects & Location (sent when access to the modules is granted)
  • Added Leave cancellations to the Xero integration (UK & NZ)
    • Improved Audit log for this too
  • Updated Location Calendar & Report to show planned locations
  • Improved menu items on Leave Admin
  • Fixed an issue which was causing problems with Currency showing on Table fields
  • Fixed an issue which was preventing some notifications from being sent to HR & Managers in lower level ADU
  • Improved audit log for linked fields
  • Removed former employees from showing on the Location breakdown widget
  • Updated login buttons
  • Fixed an issue with auto-clock out when archiving an employee
  • Fixed an issue which meant exports of custom tables did not appear correctly
  • Made a change to a previous release which was preventing Managers from applying backfill
  • Made a change to the wording of Leave Type comments where the comment was mandatory
  • Added validation to Today page to prevent events from overlapping
  • Added ability to Shout-out multiple employees
  • Added a field in Xero Integration for Default Sickness Type
  • Improvements to the Dashboard
    • Default widgets depending on License Package & User Role
    • Improved alert message
  • Updates to the Default Fields, Leave Types, Sickness Types and Dropdown items (available to new customers only)