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August 2021

Releases in August

Relevant articles are added as links.

  • Added Project tracking to Appogee Time module
    • Ability to manage project costings & actuals
    • Ability to track multiple elements simultaneously (Projects, Customers & Tasks
    • Project Log page 
    • Project Roles 
    • New security roles - Project Admin & Project Managers
    • Fixes/Improvements to Time module:
      • Fixed an issue where the timesheet in Activity Only view was not loading properly
      • Fixed an issue where editing/removing a break/activity was not working properly
      • Improved the experience when adding a second break in a day
      • Fixed an issue which meant the Project Role dropdown was disabled if no default was added
      • Improved the way Dashboard Widgets look when Time access was disabled
      • Added sticky header to Project Log 
      • Added search for Customer name as well as Project name
      • Improved the Project selector dropdown
      • Added 'Additional Information' to Project config
  • Improved Confirm Location dialog and notification for clarity
  • Added validation to prevent Compulsory Days from spanning 2 leave years
  • Fixed an issue which was preventing some employees from providing 360 Feedback
  • Fixed an issue which was preventing undismissed alerts from being removed when an employee is archived
  • Added HR Notifications for those in lower ADUs
  • Improved Location planner to prevent 'not booked' days as displaying a negative balance
  • Added Compulsory Work Days to the Team Calendar
  • Added configurable Gmail Out of Office Message
  • Google Workspace Add-on
  • Improved audit information on HR profiles
  • Added logic on employee profile if employee is integrated - do not allow update of name
  • Design update to UI 
    • Rounded tables 
    • New dialog close button
    • New package selector in upgrades/trials
    • Active table row on Day Details