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July 2021

Releases in July

Relevant articles are added as links. 

  • Added the ability to mark request reasons as optional, mandatory or not required in Leave & Sickness Types
  • Fixed and issue which was causing some leave types to show as sick in the timesheet
  • Improvements to Location
    • Changed 'Confirm Week' button 
    • Improved latency
    • Configurable notifications
      • Daily & Weekly emails & push notifications to remind employees to confirm their location
    • Added option to enable 'hard stop' on capacity for Office Locations and Zones
  • Added notifications to Time
    • Daily emails & push notifications to remind employees to clock in
  • Changed branding 
    • New Colour Scheme
    • New Logo
  • Fixed an issue which was preventing some scheduled reports from running
  • Added ability to configure the Dashboard widgets    
    • Choose which widgets to see and in what order
  • Improvements to the Xero integration wizard
    • When creating a user in Xero, you can now set the Title without having to go to the Employee Profile page
    • The address fields are pre-populated from the Employee Profile
  • Changed Activity Type in Time from 'Ticket' to 'Task'
  • Improvements to the UI - show employee name rather than email address
  • Fixed an issue which was causing half day requests to show incorrectly