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Possibility for HR Managers to action "return to work"

The idea would be that an HR Manager could action the "Return to Work" button for the employee and therefore having more control in the Sick Leave. 

Both Manager and employee should be able to action this button. 

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  • This issue comes up a lot for us and I have to send regular reminders to employees that they must mark themselves as returned when back from a period of absence and reminders to managers that they cannot do it on behalf of the employee. 

    It would be really useful if team managers could mark their employees as returned and HR managers could also perform this function for everyone in their ADU. 

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  • Great idea, I particularly like the idea that an HR Manager can do this, as our sickness is managed centrally by an admin team, but can also see how it would be useful for Team Managers to be able to do this too.

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