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Leave Self-approval

It would be great if there were an option by team for self approval.  It would be helpful for very senior managers/directors etc to be able to approve their leave and not need an EA, People Director or CEO to approve.

  • Hi Charlie

    Thanks for your suggestion. If you set these individuals up as managers of the team they reside in, they will be able to self-approve. 

    There is a setting within the team which states 'do you want to prevent configured Approvers from approving their own Leave Requests?', if this is unticked, they will be able to approve their own leave. 

    You can find this by going to Organisation > Teams > select a team > Leave Options & Approvals > Leave Requests. 

    Hope this helps. 

    Appogee HR

  • Thank you Megan. If we do do that - will it then give them access to salary information for the team? We have configured that managers are able to view this and wouldn't want that to change

  • Hi Charlie 

    Leave Approvers automatically get added as Team Managers, so they would be able to see this data unfortunately. 

  • Righto, so in this situation unless we want to revoke salary access (and access to other information as a manager), this can't be implemented in this scenario, or rather, that workaround isn't suitable. It would be great if this were a potential option that could be factored in for the future.

  • You could place these individuals in their own teams, so that way they do not have salary access to any one else. They would still be able to be managers of other teams, but reside in their own. 

  • Thanks Megan, I think that with the number of people we would like to implement this for, it would make the Org chart too large to easily navigate. But we have been able to do this for some already where they sit as a standalone 'head of' without sitting on the board level.

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