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May 2021

Releases in May 

Relevant support articles are added as links. 

  • Team & Employee Location widget
    • Available on the Dashboard for managers and the Location planner for employees, this widget shows a breakdown of location attendance per employee
  • Improvements to Location feature
    • Improved responsiveness of Location feature on tablets
    • Add option on Location Planner to specify 'Not Working'
    • 'Not Working' syncs automatically with Leave, Sick & Public Holidays from the Leave module
    • Define by Leave Type which sync as 'Not Working'
    • Added Confirm & Not Working buttons (previously just a tick box)
    • Improved Attendance Dialog
    • Redesigned the Location Report 
      • Add expand all option 
      • Tabbed view - one date at a time
      • All employees are shown, even those without a location

  • Improved handling of Onboarding Portal in preview mode
  • Fixed issue on Timesheet which was showing in excess of 24 hours on one day
  • Fixed issues with Office 365 Add-on
    • My Allowance was not showing 
    • Log in button erroring
  • Improved handling of Compulsory days notification emails for customers with ADUs switched on
  • Fixed issue which was causing some iCal events to sync 1 hour out (e.g. 9-5 was showing at 8-4)
  • Moved Location feature into HR Essentials package, so it's now available in HR Essentials & Success
  • Fixed issue on Work Profile where 'Use Leave Rota for Time' was not read only
  • Added Bosnia & Herzegovina currency
  • Fixed an issue which was causing the 'New Goal Report' button to show to the wrong user type