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April 2021

Releases in April

Relevant support articles are added as links. 

  • Fixed an issue which was preventing full day leave in O365 calendar from showing as an all day event
  • Fixed an issue which was preventing Sickness Data Exports from being generated
  • Additions to the Time Module
    • Clock in & out widget on Dashboard 
    • Activity widget on Dashboard 
    • Location widget on Dashboard
    • Made attendance number clickable to reveal who is attending a location 
    • Calendar view for location planner
    • Fixed an issue which was causing location report to error after archiving an employee
    • Updated attendance dialog so you can view more than one team at a time 
    • Fixed an issue which was causing the date picker in the Location Planning page to error
    • Added ability to configure just Time access for the logged in Admin user 
    • Improved handling of Zones & Office Locations config to enable better capacity planning
    • Timesheet Export to CSV
  • Updated wording on scheduled reviews to be clearer
  • Added 2022 Public Holidays
  • Fixed an issue with Leave Data Export which was causing filtering issues with Divisions
  • Fixed an issue with Linked Fields which was overriding security settings
  • Improved Xero Sync log errors descriptions 
  • Improved the way Compulsory Days works with regards to non-working days
  • Added an extra filter on the Goal report to differentiate Goals by owner or collaborator