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March 2021

Releases in March

  • Launched the Time module as a standalone solution
  • Introduced new package options: 
    • Leave, Time, Leave + Time, HR Essentials, HR Essentials +Time, HR Success
  • Added My Team page to the Today section of Time
  • UI tweaks to Location planner
  • More options on the Calendar Event Label config 
    • Employee Name, Request Type & Status
    • Request Type, Employee Name & Status
  • Fixed an issue which was causing some Performance Reviews to not load
  • Fixed an issue which was causing a custom HR Report to show the wrong data
  • Tweaks to Shout-out email & notifications 
    • Email title changed to "Your team mate [name] has received a shout out"
    • Added link back to Shout-out within the email
    • Added link back to Shout-out within the alerts panel notification
    • Updated UI within the email notification
  • Fixed an issue which was preventing lower level Work Profiles from showing to HR Managers within ADUs above
  • Added a Preview mode to Performance Review Templates config page
  • Added validation which prevents admin users from adding their own start/end dates which can cause them to be locked out of the system
  • Improved error message when users are automatically logged out of the system (24 hour session timeout)
  • Added ADU support to Compulsory Days functionality
  • UI Tweaks within Time feature
    • Morning/Afternoon leave showing in the time bar and Day Details
    • Hidden scroll bars on short activities
  • Improvements to the Xero integration 
    • Add Xero as login option 
    • Integrate with Xero Marketplace for SSO with trial initiation
  • Fixed an issue which meant Divisions could not be deleted
  • Added ability to create an additional level of ADU (up to 4 levels)