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February 2021

Releases in February

Relevant support articles are added as links.

  • Additional features for the time Module
    • Employee Activity Report - shows breakdown of activities per employee
    • Made 'Show Times' toggle on the today page sticky
    • Fixed an issue which meant the 'Comments Saved Successfully' message was showing too frequently
    • Add ability for managers to assign an activity to the team they belong to
    • Add ability for admin to assign activities to any team
    • Made Hex code selectable in the Activity & Location colour picker
    • Added ADU selector in the Activity Report
  • Tweaks to UI 
    • Multi team selector tool in various places around the app updated
    • New table design in HR report builder
    • Removed duplicate 'Report Generating' message
    • Moved checkbox on Public Holidays page
    • Navigation menu now scrolls to currently selected item
  • Fixed an issue which was preventing HR change notifications from being sent
  • Added ability to Like and Comment on a Shout-out
  • Added rounding to the Leave representation on Performance Reviews
  • Fixed an issue which was allowing the upload of Employee Records into the Onboarding Portal Preview mode
  • Increased the limit on how many users you can import through Xero (previously only 100)
  • Added a sort order to Allowance Calculator Team selector
  • Added a message for users to navigate to Allowance Calculator when there is a change to the Work Profile
  • Removed the 'do you want to save' message from the Onboarding Portal which was appearing when there were no changes made
  • Increased consistency across application when referring to 'Approved' days, rather than 'Taken'
  • Added the ability to change employee Work Profile from the Employees tab of the Work Profile (still available on Employee Admin)
  • Added Hungarian currency to the list