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October 2020

Releases in October

Relevant support articles are added as links.

  • Updated a field on the licensing upgrade page to show the correct expiry date
  • Fixed an issue where unlimited leave could not be switched back on
  • Fixed an issue where the Custom Directory field was not showing if the field was linked or a table field
  • Fixed an issue where some active leave years could not be selected
  • Added the ability to track Time off in Lieu in a separate allowance
  • Added customisation of Time off in Lieu label 
    • TOIL/Time off in Lieu
    • Comp Time/Compensatory Time Off
    • Custom
  • Updated the Requests History view so that it paginates rather than showing 1 long list
  • Fixed an issue where 2 public holiday dates for Ireland were wrong
  • Fixed an issue where an HR report had a line missing due to an issue with custom fields
  • Fixed an issue where the Goal Report was not being generated properly
  • Made an update to the Bulk Allowances Adjust Tool which was changed recently
  • Made a change to the UI on the Team Managers page
  • Added 'Unsupported Browser' banner error for those using Internet Explorer, which is no longer supported
  • Added Zones to Office Locations 
  • Changed the security so HR Managers could not see 360 feedback submitted about them
  • Fixed an issue with Linked Fields which was causing problems with sorting tables
  • Added a warning to Goals Description box if too many characters are added